The Malpass Brothers

The Malpass Brothers are collaboratively managed & represented by Stephen Barefoot at goingbarefoot in Durham and Dan Mann at Live Arts & Attractions in Nashville. Taylor Malpass is endorsed by Gretsch Guitars.

The Performance

The Malpass Brothers are as authentic as stone-ground grits, country ham & red-eye gravy, hush puppies & chopped pork barbecue… and they’re every bit as good. It doesn’t matter if you’re already a fan of classic old-time “real” country music when you take your seat. You will be by the time you leave the hall.

As young boys, Christopher and Taylor Malpass soaked up the music of their granddad's phonograph records. Christopher earned his first talent show trophy at age 7, and Taylor was playing mandolin by the time he was 10. Today, they promote the work and music of classic country artists they treasure while creating new music and making their own mark in the lineage of a rich American cultural heritage.

The brothers started collaborating at an early age.

With sincerity, honesty and an utter ease on stage that belies their years, their smooth vocal blend and skillful musicianship layer infectiously into the deep respect they pay to legends who have paved the way. Add the funny, off-the-cuff quips between the two 20-something siblings, and the engaging concert becomes a magnetic time-traveling journey to when a calmer rhythm reigned supreme.

The Malpass Brothers toured with the late Don Helms, former steel guitarist for Hank Williams. They opened for mentor and iconic music legend Merle Haggard for a number of years, and they have appeared on stages from the Shetland Islands to Ryman Auditorium to Merlefest. Current concert venues span the gamut — performing arts centers, colleges and universities, bluegrass and roots music festivals, music halls and celebrations highlighting Americana and vintage country music. Gifted musicians and songwriters, the brothers have shared billing with artists including Ray Price, Willie Nelson, Rhonda Vincent, Marty Stuart, Doc Watson and more. The title cut video from their "Memory That Bad" album hit CMT Pure Country’s Top Ten.

This is the real deal, folks. There is no pretense. This is music steeped in the legacy of the Louvin Brothers, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Hank Williams, Sr. & others. Count on classic, real country. Count on new Malpass tunes. Count on a couple of old-time traditional gospels. Count on giggles and ribbing between brothers, along with daddy on the bass, who’s bound to be thinking, “What the hell are they doing now?” Count on some big, high hair, and maybe an Elvis twitch or two. Count on lines at the CD table … and count on logging on to see where they’ll be next.

The Malpass Brothers CD “Memory That Bad” was produced in 2011 by Merle Haggard on the Hag Records label. Their most recent CD, “The Malpass Brothers” was produced by Doyle Lawson on Organic Records, released in spring of 2015.

An update on the public television documentary

A message from the Malpass Brothers…

“Thanks to so many of you who are asking about the status of the public television documentary HEADING HOME that’s in the works. We’re so excited about it and really appreciate your support. We’re about halfway thru the filming and are really enjoying working with the production team. They’re talking to a lot of people who’ve been so important to us throughout our careers. There’s still some filming to do here in NC and in Nashville.

None of this would be happening without the Paramount Theatre Foundation. We’ve been performing at the Paramount since we were young boys and it means so much to us to have them spearheading this project. We know they are continuing their fundraising campaign to see the film finished, with the goal of its premiering at the Paramount on January 21, 2018. Wow!

To make it easier for the Malpass Brothers family of fans to be part of making this film a reality, Mr. Weil and Miss Sherry at the Paramount have set up a crowd-funding page at If you’d like to help out, I know they’d be so thrilled. For updates on the progress of the filming as we're moving forward, you can click here. Plus you can visit the Facebook page for the film.

Thank y’all so much. We look forward to seeing you a show real soon!”

In a Word

“Traditional, pure country was revitalized opening day at Stagecoach thanks to the Malpass Brothers. The duo firmly upholds the musical styling and qualities that would make their idols proud... like opening up a time capsule and rediscovering some of country music’s best. The brothers planned to end their set with an homage to Cash via their original number 'Man In Black Is Wearing White,' and had even begun to unplug their instruments at its conclusion.  But the crowd was so pleased with the set that they began asking for 'just one more.’”
- The Gretsch Post

“The Stagecoach Music Festival features some of the biggest names in country music.Radio veterans like Eric Church and Carrie Underwood share a bill with rising stars like Sam Hunt and Chris Stapleton. But for some of the most interesting and innovative music country has to offer, it pays to look at the small print bands… The Malpass Brothers are a must-see act. Brothers Chris and Taylor Malpass grew up with their grandfather feeding them a steady diet of country legends like Ray Price, Porter Waggoner, and Kitty Wells. Merle Haggard recruited them to open for him on tour. The Malpass Brothers are a good chance for Stagecoach attendees to spend time with some of the musical styles that paved the way for modern country.”
- Chris Griffy,

“George Jones once recorded a song called 'Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes' which wondered if great country singers would come along in the future to take the place of the great old ones from the past... Well, George, maybe your prayer's been answered. These guys don't just sound retro. They are retro.” - Dan MacIntosh, Roothog Radio

“May be just the kind of effort that saves country music from complete pop oblivion.” -

“They're no museum piece or revival act designed to show how music was performed long ago. They are a working band that uses its talent to entertain and nourish souls.” - Jack Bernhardt

“The biggest surprise of the night... You were transported back 50 years... pure talent.” - The Californian

“Many artists cover songs and claim to hold steadfast onto tradition, but it doesn’t seem to get any more genuine than The Malpass Brothers.” - The Daily Country

“Ladies and gentlemen, meet The Malpass Brothers. Together they make country music. Not just any country music, but classic country music… And they couldn’t be anymore country if they tried. Very rarely am I left speechless and at a loss for words when listening to a great album, but this is the case with The Malpass Brothers’ new self-titled album. These guys were born to make country music. If you’re a fan of pop country music, don’t listen to this album. It’s simply too country for you. For those who love traditional and classic country, buy this album, press play and prepare to be amazed. You can’t get anymore country than this album. I can’t wait to hear more -- for years to come.” -

“Folks follow the Malpass Brothers not unlike those that follow the Grateful Dead. Like that grand experience of mass migration toward a musical experience, these Malpass Groupies would travel anywhere to see their musical heroes and they know where and when they are playing. These young Malpass men communicate viscerally to older folks, many of whom literally came from the Land, the dirt that sustained them and comprises the core of their essential values. These Country and Western troubadours hail from eastern North Carolina and are not only the creators of fine melody, but are the ad hoc leaders of a local movement of folks who are as comfortable watching early Andy Griffith reruns as they would be in helping your young daughter change a busted tire along the side of a dark country road.” - Wyatt Sandman Day

A Presenter’s Point of View

"As a presenter, you seek artists who are not only talented and entertaining, but authentic and true to their style and character.  When you meet the Malpass Brothers for the first time, it will be evident that they sleep, eat and breathe all that is traditional.  When your audience witnesses their remarkable talents and their hilarious banter, it’s a sight to behold.  And it’s one that the Paramount Theatre never misses!"
- Sherry Archibald, Director
Paramount Theatre, Goldsboro

Movie Trailer

Malpass Brothers Preview from Minnow Media on Vimeo.

Performance Excerpt

Malpass Brothers Boogie from Minnow Media on Vimeo.

MALPASS BROTHERS Don't Worry About Me from Minnow Media on Vimeo.